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Check Out This Excellent Destiny Drum Cover

It’s not the first Destiny music drum cover we’ve seen, but enthusiast Andrew Fleming’s new version of “Sepiks Prime” off the game’s soundtrack is definitely impressive. It’s an orchestra-heavy track to begin with, so you might not think it lends itself well to this kind of remix, but it actually works really well.

The video has some nice production values as well with multiple camera angles and good quality overall. Take a look at the video below and keep reading for a quick interview with Fleming about it.

As you might have guessed, Fleming is a hardcore Destiny player. Other members of his Destiny clan knew he was a drummer and said he should do a drum cover. Fleming liked the idea and ran with it.

But how did he decide on the song “Sepiks Prime?”

“So I was going through the Destiny soundtrack and Sepiks Prime is just catchy and seemed well known since it’s the first Strike most people play,” Fleming explained.

With a new expansion due in September and big plans for the future beyond that, Destiny is not slowing down anytime soon. And neither is Fleming.

“I’ve always been a gamer and big into Destiny and would love to do another once The Taken King comes out so who knows!” he said.

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