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Conker’s Big Reunion Launches Tomorrow, With 10 Free User-Created Games

Episode 1 of Conker’s Bad Fur Day DLC for Project Spark that was announced last month is launching tomorrow at 9 AM PDT, but the $5 piece of content that will take you around one hour to complete isn’t the only Conker game that’s coming out that day.

Microsoft has announced that it gave some members of the Project Spark community early access to the Conker assets, and they’ve already created 10 Conker games. Most of these games, which you can see in the video montage below, will release tomorrow as well.

Some of the user-created games include:

  • Conker Multiplayer Arena, where four players can face off in a free-for-all deathmatch
  • Bad Fur Day Homage, which recreates the first 10 minutes of Conker’s Bad Fur Day
  • The Great Mighty Poo, which recreates a memorable boss fight from the original game

Conker’s Big Reunion episode 1, as Team Dakota is calling it, was made with the same Project Spark tools that are available to players, and is meant to play like what you’d expect from a Conker game, an action-platformer with a dirty sense of humor. If you want to make your own Conker content, you can purchase the Conker Mega Pack, which includes the Conker Creation Pack (containing more than 350 Conker assets), Conker’s Big Reunion, and Champions Quest Episode 1 for $10.

Project Spark, which lets players create their own game content, is free to download on Xbox One and Windows 8.1

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