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Destiny’s Commendations Feature Getting Removed

Bungie has released more details on an upcoming Destiny update which will remove Commendations from the game. As detailed on the Bungie site, update 1.2.0 will remove the Commendations feature.

Players who have a surplus of Commendations will be able to “burn them for reputation” which helps players progress to their next promotion, earning an additional reward package. Commendations were first introduced in Destiny’s previous downloadable content pack, and were needed to buy armor and weapons.

The patch notes also revealed that next Iron Banner event will take place on April 28 starting at 10AM Pacific Time. The event will introduce helmets for the first time, allowing players to complete the set. Bungie also announced when they would reveal the Trial of Osiris on a livestream, which will take place on April 29 at 11AM Pacific Time.

Destiny’s upcoming House of Wolves expansion is set to launch on all platforms on May 19. We’ve listed a breakdown of the biggest changes the expansion will introduce, which includes a new social space, tons of new ships, weapons, and armour, and raises the level cap to at least 34.

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