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Overlord Writer Responds to Criticisms About Franchise’s New Direction

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is generating buzz, but not the type Codemasters would have liked.

The game, announced on Thursday and the first in the core series in over six years, is a major departure from Overlord and Overlord II. It’s played from a top-down, Diablo-style perspective, and features four heroes instead of one. Some fans aren’t happy about this new approach.

They made their concerns known in posts on social media, including in the comments of the game’s YouTube announcement trailer. This video currently has three times as many dislikes than likes.

“NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOO!” writes one commenter. Another adds: “Who wants this? Why is there co-op? Isn’t the whole point of the game the demonic minions?” Someone else wrote: “What a joke, good luck selling that to anyone…”

Now, one of the game’s writers–Rhianna Pratchett–has responded to these criticisms with a volley of tweets. She said Codemasters never meant to position Fellowship of Evil as Overlord 3, a game that she went on to say could still happen further down the road.

“Shame folks are getting angry on YouTube about Overlord: Fellowship of Evil,” she wrote. “We never claimed it was Overlord 3. It’s its own entity & certainly doesn’t stop a Overlord 3 happening.” She added that she personally hopes Overlord 3 is made one day, but for now, she’s happy to be working on the franchise again with a game that can stand on its own.

“I tend to think of it like Guardian of Light/Temple of Osiris is to Tomb Raider,” she said.

Pratchett also stressed that, in terms of tone (the Overlord series is known for its dark, yet humorous approach), Fellowship of Evil is “very much an Overlord game.” The game will fit within the previously established world and canon of the overarching Overlord series, she went on to say.

Finally, Pratchett reminded Overlord fans that this isn’t the first time the franchise is branching out into new territory. Overlord: Dark Legend for Wii was designed for a younger audience, while Nintendo 3DS game Overlord: Minions was presented in a top-down manner, similar to Lost Vikings.

“So we have done a few different things with the Overlord franchise in the past and explored different gameplay avenues,” she said.

Fellowship of Evil launches later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It will cost $20 on all platforms. For more, check out the first screenshots in the gallery below.

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