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The Division: New DLC “Underground” out June 28 on Xbox One

The online action game published by Ubisoft, The Division , intends to invest the rooms of gamers for many months yet. For that the developers provide for free updates and paid content packs to renew the gaming experience.

In practice, the past season title translates two updates called “Incursions” and “Conflict,” published in April and May; but also by three extensions that will extend until the end of the year. If the French publisher said in June 2016 for the release of the first DLC called “Underground”, a more accurate date would have leaked on Amazon as some users have noted:

This leak distributor and indicate that the add-on will be available June 28, 2016 in temporary exclusive on Xbox One . It may be pre-loaded from June 25 to enjoy the moment of its release. Players PC and PlayStation 4 will benefit from this content after 30 days. Recall that the DLC “Underground” offers four-player cooperation to explore the depths devastated New York.

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