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Wolfenstein Prequel Pre-Load Now Available, File Size is 37GB

With Wolfenstein: The New Order prequel The Old Blood set to launch in just over a week, players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC can now pre-order and pre-load digital copies of the shooter ahead of its release on May 5.

The $20 game is now available across all storefronts. PlayStation Plus users on PS4 get the best deal, as they can enjoy a 10 percent discount, which marks the game down to $18.

We also now know the file size for The Old Blood. The Xbox One version will be 37.14 GB, while the game’s Steam product page mentions that users will need 38 GB of free hard drive space. Meanwhile, The Old Blood’s PS4 pre-order page reveals a file size of 10.2 MB, which could be a mistake.

The Old Blood will unlock at 12:01 AM EDT on May 5.

A standalone game, The Old Blood does not require The New Order. The game includes a new brutal-sounding pipe weapon, along with Nazi zombies and more. Check out GameSpot’s interview with developer Machine Games for lots more on The Old Blood.

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