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BLU Studio 7.0 II -Unlocked Smartphone – US GSM – Blue

Product Description

Style: US GSM (U) | Color: BLUE

Very much like its predecessor, the Blu Studio 7.0 ll is the perfect phablet to blend the world between your tablet and your smartphone.

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    More than just a big cheap phone, this one is surprisingly good, August 31, 2015
    Wayne (Round Rock, TX) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

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    Ever since the very first Android “smart phone” many years ago, I’ve owned more phones (and tablets) than I can recall. Looking at a few recent phones, I’ve owned Galaxy Note 3 & 4, Galaxy S 4 & 5, LG G2/G3/G4, Nokia 1520, Xperia Z Ultra (6.45”), and my current daily driver, the Google Nexus 6 (5.96”). Needless to say, I’m familiar with many models, big & small. 🙂 So let’s take that experience and see how the latest low budget phone from Blu fares.


    + Excellent value as a phone and/or tablet
    + Nice looking 7” IPS Display
    + Very bright screen
    + Nearly stock Android Lollipop 5.0
    + Great Battery Life
    + Smooth UI Performance
    + Expandable Storage
    + Decent build quality
    + Comfortable to hold, despite it’s size
    + Looks more expensive than it is
    + Factory Unlocked for GSM


    – Low resolution cameras & no flash
    – Mediocre sounding single speaker & voice quality
    – Display only 600×1024 (169 ppi)
    – Limited band support (i.e. no LTE)
    – Some light bleed
    – Loose Power/Volume Buttons
    – No accessories at launch


    Since this listing excludes a few important details, I’ll note them here:

    * 7” IPS+ 600×1024 (169 ppi) Display
    * 1.3GHz MediaTek MT8382 Quad-Core CPU w/ MALI 400 GPU
    * 8GB Internal memory / 1GB RAM / MicroSD storage expandable up to 64GB
    * 5MP Front & VGA Rear Camera (No Flash)
    * HSPA + 21Mbps / 3G (aka 4G) Band Support Only- No LTE anywhere
    * 3450mAh Non-Removable Battery
    * Full-Size SIM Required for GSM Voice/Data (i.e. T-Mobile/AT&T)
    * NOT compatible with CDMA Carriers (i.e. Sprint/Verizon)
    * Includes Headphones, Screen Protector, 2 Amp Charger, and 3ft Cable


    For the first time, I’m almost comfortable using the word “phablet” to describe this device. It’s got the screen of a traditional tablet, yet has full voice/data functionality in a slimmed down package. I’m going to just call it a big phone.

    First, let’s briefly talk about it’s size. This is a big phone, easily dwarfing my 6” Nexus 6. But it’s also a really small tablet. Compared to a Nexus 7, it’s noticeably smaller in every dimension. While you won’t be doing a lot of one-handed use, it’s still compact enough to fit in the pockets of my less-tight fitting pants. That’s as far I’ll on about size; it is what it is!

    The phone has a mostly plastic construction, with bezels that look like they are higher quality than they are. The back has a nice rubberized texture that makes for a nice place to hold. You’ve got a front ear piece that doubles as the single mono speaker. Interestingly, the headphone and mico-USB port are on the top.

    Power and volume rocker switch are on the right side, towards the top. They feel a bit loose and have some play to them. And the micro-SD and Full-Size SIM card slot are covered by a door that requires a tiny flat-head screwdriver to remove. Tool included. And yes, I did say good ‘ol Full Size SIM card. You can buy adapters.

    While the textures and coloring won’t fool you into thinking this phone is made of high quality metals, it still looks nice. And the phone has a good solid feel. If you give it a firm twist, there is some expected flex. But no noises… yet.


    As you can see from the specs, this phone has a MediaTek SoC with Mali 400 GPU. This CPU is based on the ARM A7 architecture, most commonly associated with the Snapdragon 400, and used with some Octa Core variants. So yes, this is rather dated technology, except do note this is a Quad Core CPU. Not dual core as the original A7’s. It also has the benefit of running cool and being thrifty with power usage. We’ll discuss more on battery life later.

    That’s all great, but how does it perform? Thanks to a nearly stock Lollipop 5.0 OS, it runs pretty darn good. Within the UI, things are smooth, fluid, and little-to-no lag/stutter is noticeable there. However, when you start opening/switching apps, the slower CPU & limited memory will make itself known. That’s simply unavoidable with these specs. With that said, it’s still relatively minor, and overall, runs better than expected.


    While I prefer to focus on real-world performance and don’t usually put much weight behind synthetic benchmarks, here are a few anyways:

    3DMark Ice Storm Extreme: 1922
    AnTuTu Benchmark v5.7.1: 19590
    Geekbench 3 – Single Core: 363 / Multi-Core: 1196

    Not the best numbers, but how do games run? So far, they’ve all run just fine. Most games will lower details and resolution to keep them running smooth. As a…

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Huge for a phone, decent features for the cost., September 1, 2015
    Mrs. Night Owl (Alabama) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    The phablet is an interesting device. Not just a phone, not just a tablet. I have many other devices but this one is certainly unique.
    First of all, in terms of a phone, it’s huge. I’ve attached photos of it with my BLU Vivo phone on the left and my Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge on the right. You can see how much larger it is! It weighs in at 8.8 oz (vs 4.7 for my Samsung phone) but it doesn’t feel that much heavier when handling it.

    The processor seems a bit sluggish, with a lag from the time I select an app until it opens. The screen is clear and fairly sharp, but the sound quality is tinny – probably due to only one forward facing speaker. I have a Kindle Fire about the same size, and the screen clarity seems similar but the sound on the Kindle is phenomenal. When comparing volume, I noticed that the volume is not as loud as that of my Samsung phone (big difference). This BLU phablet definitely falls short in the sound department.

    This also doesn’t come with an included case like the BLU phone I have. That’s a slight disappointment, but for the price you really get what you pay for. You do, however get earbuds, a charger, and a screen protector. The back is slightly rounded and is made of a dotted (looks perforated, but it’s not) soft-touch plastic. It’s easy to hold despite its large size.

    If you’re looking for an entry-level device and you have a tight budget, this would certainly fit the bill. Just beware that you can’t use these unlocked devices on Verizon’s network (unless it’s a Verizon phone that was unlocked). We learned this from experience!


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very good Phablet!, August 30, 2015
    Rbhatta (San Jose, CA, USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)

    I remember the days when first generation cellphones came out when people used to hold them like bricks to their head and then there were days when teeny tiny clam-shell cellphones came out which were small but had dismal battery life. Then very soon following that not too long ago when first generation touch screen tablets came out. Soon followed by a new breed of hybrids.. which were called Smartphones! these were actually Cellphones with touch screens which just kept on growing and becoming bigger and bigger in ‘screen size’ while getting thinner and lighter while at the same time getting smarter by adding more and more capabilities.

    In that category of smartphones, In the year 2015 Blu’s Studio 7.0 II is the biggest I’ve seen yet in the smartphones category to an extent it even has a new official name – Phablet! It’s a phone as big as tablet hence called (P)hablet. History lessons aside, let me tell you, After playing around with this massive phone for past few days I find that ‘BLU Studio 7.0 II’ unlocked device is very capable smartphone which performs like most other manufacturers like Samsung or Apple. I wish most other major manufacturers gets bold ideas like BLU, for example inclusion of ‘FM radio’ and reducing overall weight then the next generation of smartphones will get better and better as years goes by.

    Having said, The primary reason one would buy ‘BLU’ Brand versus any other ‘Samsung’ or ‘Apple’ device is PRICE. You cannot beat the price of this unlocked smartphone Period. The features and functionalities are similar if not better! when compared to Samsung or Apple and costs you way cheaper. The second reason is for someone looking to get the full functionality of both a tablet and a phone in an all-in-one package that is lightweight. This phone does offers features to users on a budget that they may not be able to otherwise afford not to mention the freedom to choose any cellphone carrier you wish which to me is a huge freedom.

    Also, At this price point you have to keep your expectations low and you will be pleasantly awarded with total satisfaction!

    [+] Very low price of ownership
    [+] Excellent Battery life!
    [+] Unlocked Smartphone, No contracts, accepts SIM from AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, MetroPCS, Straight Talk (SPRINT does not work)
    [+] 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor with dedicated Mali 400 GPU 1 GB RAM
    [+] Android 5.0 Lollipop (Latest Android Operating System)
    [+] Expandable with Micro-SD card slot (up-to 64GB)
    [+] Capable Apps can be moved to Micro-SD card to free up Internal storage
    [+] FM Stereo RADIO with Recording capabilities
    [+] Bluetooth, GPS, Accelerometer, GSM Quad Band 3G HSPA+ (850/1700/1900)
    [+] Front facing camera for SKYPE or Google Hangouts
    [+] Very little bloat-ware (Very less junk software pre-installed)
    [+] Stereo Earphones included, Stereo standard headphone jack
    [+] Uses good old full size SIM (I call this a plus because you can always buy an SIM Card Adapter Kit)
    [+] YouTube works great!
    [+] Netflix works great!
    [+] Get all apps from Google Play store!
    [+] Get all the apps from Amazon using Amazon Underground
    [+] Lightweight design only 294 grams!
    [+] Power adapter included and USB data/charge cable included.

    [-] Included earphones are bad quality
    [-] Need to be careful with a small screw for SD/SIM slot to keep it secure.
    [-] Touch screen is slightly less responsive
    [-] Screen same as Samsung Tab 3 7-inch ‘1024×600’ 169ppi
    [-] Poor quality photos from camera
    [-] No LED flash available

    Despite these above mentioned minor cons this smartphone is still very snappy due to the Faster Quad core processor (CPU) with Dedicated Mali 400 GPU along with 1GB of RAM. The 8 GB internal memory (5.62 GB available) did not hamper for playing games most as most can be moved to external SD card. This smartphone works well for most internet browsing activities using Chrome or opera browser or watching videos locally from SD card or online. Cellphone quality was decent (I attempted AT&T SIM card) and voice quality was just like any other cellphone.

    So in the end, You might ask then for which type of audience this device is really aimed for? – In my humble opinion, if someone is already looking for the largest phone possible and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money or get into lengthy contracts with cellphone providers who charges arms and legs every month to give you a teeny tiny name brand device which you need a magnifying glass to see the screen. Or a person who uses 7-inch form factor tablet a lot but rarely makes phone calls and want conveniences of a phone whenever needed then this device is perfect for them…

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