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HP 7″ Touchscreen Android Tablet 1.6GHz Intel Atom 8GB w/ Google Play, WiFi, Bluetooth, Virtual Keyboard, USB, Built-In Speaker & MIC (Certified Refurbished) Reviews

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2 thoughts on “HP 7″ Touchscreen Android Tablet 1.6GHz Intel Atom 8GB w/ Google Play, WiFi, Bluetooth, Virtual Keyboard, USB, Built-In Speaker & MIC (Certified Refurbished) Reviews

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Way Too Many Bad Reviews?, December 8, 2014
    Paul Ramone (United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Dragon Touch Y88X 7” Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC, Dual Camera, HD 1024×600 Multi-touch Screen, 8GB Nand Flash, Google Play & Zoodles Pre-load, 3D Game Supported (Advanced version of Y88)- Black [By TabletExpress] (Personal Computers)
    I wanted to address some of the negative reviews of this tablet. Some of the reviews are so bad that I strongly doubt their veracity:

    “Can’t Hear The Speaker” – I found the speaker perfectly adequate for this device. I have a feeling some people were trying to hear the speaker when the device was installed in a generic case that did not have speaker cutouts. The speaker is on the back. If you put your finger over it, or press it up against a faux-leather case or silicone case with no speaker cutout, you are not going to hear much of anything. The company sells a case that fits this tablet perfectly. Or, you can modify your generic case by drilling some holes in it.

    “Wi-Fi Cuts Out” – Mine connects instantly. I get four bars in every room of a 2000 square-foot house. I get four bars through six walls. No problems at all. In fact, the Wi-Fi is one of the strongest features. Wi-Fi connections and wireless routers are so variable that any perceived problem may have nothing to do with your own device. (Update 1/1/2015: By now the Wi-Fi has been tested at several locations around town; no problems.)

    “Rotten Battery Life” – Most adults will get a whole day of heavy intermittent use out of it, assuming you don’t play games. On the upside, it also seems to recharge remarkably fast. (Update 1/1/2015: Mine charges in about an hour).

    “Pathetic Display” – The screen is very clear and sharp. At the normal viewing angle a user would employ, it looks wonderful. If you are used to a Retina display, you wouldn’t be looking at this, anyway. Most people in the market for this tablet will think the screen is WAY more than adequate. There is definite fall-off when you try to view the screen from the side. But this varies with the direction you are trying to view from. Right now I have the tablet lying on a table 18 inches in front of me (so I am viewing it from a 45-degree angle), I can read every word, and the display is bright and clear. But, if you’re sitting next to someone who is looking at the tablet (from the side, at a 45-degree angle), the display becomes unreadable for that person. This can actually be a good thing, because it can keep nosy people sitting next to you from spying. Trust me, the display is fine.

    “Some Tiny Menus At The Edge Of The Screen Are Hard To Select” – Yes. This happens sometimes. I blame it on my fat fingers. It doesn’t happen often enough to degrade the rating.

    “Lousy Cameras” – Not lousy, just poorer quality than we’re used to now. Not nearly as bad as I was expecting after reading the reviews. Someone described the pictures as “blocky”…like this is a primitive 1980’s toy. The pictures are not blocky. Someone else described it well when they said the photos looked like the earliest digital ones. Note that if you have the time to try for a better picture, the camera settings can be “tweaked.” If you are truly interested in taking quality pictures with a tablet, get another device.

    “Power Plug Funky / I Can’t Tell It’s Charging” – The charger plug only goes halfway in. Don’t try to force it in. When you plug in the charger, a giant green animated battery shows up on the screen, which tells you it’s charging. If you’re not sure it’s charging, a quick press of the power button will bring up the giant battery again.

    “Crummy-Easily-Scratchable-Soft-Plastic-Flexible-Display” – The display looks and feels like glass. I have no idea what it actually is. But, it’s not toy-like. There is no flex in it. Mine came with a tightly-fitting screen protector installed. I’m not sure how you could manage to scratch the display through the screen protector (without being abusive to the tablet).

    “Only Good For Kids” – This one I just don’t get. The implication is that all adults need or want a $300 tablet. Any tablet is going to be out-of-date in 18 months. Not only that, a $300 tablet is something most people really don’t care to lose. This one is good for any adult, and any application. It’s especially good for travelling, because most people can lose it without too much worry at all.

    “Slow” – Come on! It’s got the latest Android with a quad-core processor running at a good speed, crammed into something not much bigger than your wallet. It’s extremely responsive, and very smooth. Runs YouTube smoothly. Install an app-killer…that’s the best way to keep it humming.

    “Spend $20 More And Get Something Better” – You are unlikely to get something better unless you spend a lot more than $20.

    I have absolutely nothing to do with the maker of this tablet, and I paid for my own device.


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Daily, Practical, and Economical Tablet for All the Normal Things We Want to Do, November 22, 2014
    Tinfoot (Florida, USA) –

    Customer Video Review Length:: 9:44 Mins

    **UPDATE 25Nov: This little tablet has quickly become my number one favorite travel tablet. Battery longevity is not quite as strong as my previous travel choice, my Samsung Tab 3 10.1″, yet it is pretty close (I have all the fluffy, battery-killing features turned off), and it charges via portable batteries like an utter champ (something my Samsung Tab 3 had quirky issues with at times). Plus, the size/width of the Y88X is apparently a very common one. I did a search for cases here on Amazon and was presented with a slew of choices (I got a nice white silicone sleeve). There are even screen protectors available! So although this may have children in mind as the target market, it’s certainly befits adults not wanting to lug far, far heavier tablets around.

    I also have this tablet featured in an UGreen USB Cradle & DE Water Speaker audio setup in a YouTube video of mine that is quite cool, and I also added in a Sansys OTG/Charge/Sync Cord that lets me easily plug in a USB device such as a mouse or external keyboard with the same cord I can charge with and transfer music from my laptop. I have played all manner of Free App of the Day games on it, such as JACK LUMBER, EVE OF GENESIS, SPARKLE 2, QUELL MEMENTO, and so on. Yup, all around still impressed!**

    I am seriously impressed with the quality of this tablet! The quad-core processor really shines, the touch response is bang-on, the Wi-Fi reception is excellent, everything about it is just phenomenal for a economically priced tablet.

    There are really only two aspects that have real impact on your shopping decision:

    No Bluetooth Capability (but it does have OTG/3.5mm AUX port)
    512 megabytes of RAM

    Although as Android OS evolves and incorporates more and more multi-tasking fluidity, Android is not really a multi-tasking environment, nor is this particular tablet going to run those mega-hungry games on the extreme upper end of the RAM scale. Many of the newer released Android high-scale games will want far more what is offered here, especially online ones, and the Android Task Manager will do its best to optimize background resources, but this just isn’t a hard-core gamer tablet. Nevertheless, in my experience a normal app/game will run at the upmost peak of 120mbs RAM thereabouts, often far, far less. So for all your regular tasks and most apps/utilities/games, this 7″ Dragon Touch will run them, and run them quick!

    We are talking Amazon’s various front apps, such as the Kindle eReader, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video… the pre-installed Chrome Browser loads up quicker than my Samsung Tab 3 10.1″! This will be the FIRST TIME I will actually keep and use the default browser! I got Sketchbook Pro Mobile on there, and it works flawlessly. Sparkle 2, which is one of those games that does run about 120mbs, plays smoothly with surprisingly good audio from such a small internal speaker. This may not be a hard-core “gaming tablet”, but for Kids and Adults who don’t need such gaming power, just a simple, daily Android device, this Dragon Touch really does it, and does it bang-on.

    As for the 8gig internal, the tablet supports up to 32GB external memory cards, so no issue there either.

    Every single prior Android device, without exception, including a couple Amazon Kindle Fire HDs, has given me some sort of hiccup or obstacle that I had to figure out a way to surmount, resolve, or just plain say “Oh Well.” With this tablet? Not one. Not a sausage.

    From the get go, my working with this tablet has shown me:

    *Standard Android interface without any bizarre surprises, running KitKat 4.4.2
    *Battery life is quite good
    *OTG (On-The-Go) plugin without any wonkiness
    *Very lightweight (I found that the UGreen USB Hub with Cradle a perfect match for this)
    *Screen touch was highly responsive (here is a tip: always give any new device screen a few good wipe-downs with a non-abrasive Lens Cleaner and a microfiber cloth). My interaction with SketchBook Mobile is fluid, even my capacitive brush.
    *Wi-Fi reception and speed through my Verizon Jetpack can only be matched by my Samsung Tab 3. Even a couple other, far more powerful (and expensive) tablets from another manufacturer were distinctly sluggish in Wi-Fi reception. And I keep my mobile hotspot on Short Range, no less.

    And, sure, I could wish for Bluetooth capability, but between the 3.5mm AUX and the smooth OTG usage, it’s not really a issue in the end.

    All in all, just a superlative experience from the moment I opened the box.

    Side Notes:

    A) For some bizarre Amazon reason, I can’t install the Amazon Prime Music app from Amazon… says the app is incompatible with this device…

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