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Pokemon GO map: Poke Radar App Shows You Where to Find Rare Pokemon

There is finally a way of finding rare Pokemon – without hanging around on the Pokemon GO app waiting for one to pop up.

A new app has been launched – called Poke Radar – that allows Pokemon GO players to add rare Pokemon sightings to a map so others can find them too.

Timings for the sightings are also added, as that can be important in determining when the Pokemon appear.

The idea is that it works both ways, so you’ll eventually be able to fill your Pokedex without spending hours wandering aimlessly around.

Players can even set up a filter on the app to find specific Pokemon they need.

The map, which can be downloaded in the app store or seen online, is the brainchild of developers Braydon Batungbacal and Nick DiVona.

As with all crowd sourced projects, there is the obvious problem of trolls (or worse) dropping fake sightings.

But the developers have worked to solve this by getting users to rate the tips, and by extension the tipster. These can be seen by tapping the Pokemon’s icon.

Note: Worth noting that this will drain your battery as well… so keep a charger handy.

[Original Article : Metro]

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