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Pokemon GO: An update causing problems for players …

The phenomenon of Pokemon GO has just experienced this weekend its first blow, played by the 0.31.0 update (Android) and 1.1.0 (iOS). Its changelog, available below, not bad effect involves small improvements but has destroyed progress and Pokemon of some players when they updated.

This famous update has reached the full weekend and involves several changes that we list below:

  • Ability to customize the avatar from profile
  • Changing the damage of certain Pokémon
  • Changing arenas animations
  • Removing the system to track surrounding Pokémon
  • Changing the combat damage calculation system
  • Fixed bugs during meetings with Pokémon
  • updating the detailed page of Pokémon
  • Changing medals images for success
  • Fixed the display of certain cards
  • Editing text files
  • Removing the battery saving mode on iOS
  • Inability to transfer a Pokémon favorite

The bulk of the update thus relates to two things, apart from minor improvements: the removal of system to track Pokemon, and the closing of the most useful sites for ambitious trainers.

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