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    Fun Device… NOT WORTH MORE THAN $80, March 20, 2017
    CrazySte (NorthCarolina) –

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    This review is from: Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console (Console)

    The Device itself is much smaller than you would expect, it fits on the Palm of your Hand, and is very light…

    It comes with a fairly long HDMI Cable, but the Controller Cable is only 1 Foot Long… that means you have to sit the actual device on your Lap or on the Coffee Table to play.

    You can buy extentions for your Controllers, but beware:
    if you go longer than 6 Feet, the inputs start lagging too much and make the Game too frustrating… You better off invest in a longer HDMI, or purchase a Controller that comes with an actual 6 Foot cord and call it a day.

    It’s simple Dishonesty.

    Nintendo has put this device on the marked for $60… It makes sense, with todays Technology, it’s quite easy to make a Device with 500Mb of Total Memory (yes MEGA Bytes, not Giga) and fit 30 Games from the 80s that use just 8Mb each, but beware: not all the 30 Games are that much amazing fun: you have the 3 Super Marios, the 2 Zeldas, and then the rest are just Games that can be fun, but were never an actual International success hit… You will play em once or twice, and that is it.

    $60 is a Good Price for this Device, but there are many GREEDY People in this World that don’t hesitate doing BAD Business Practice to Harp away Money from hard working People, by purchasing all the available units and re-selling them and crazy Hyped Prices…
    I payd $120,
    and i Regret it,
    and yet i have so much fun playing Mario & Zelda… Especially since i can actually save the Game Progress rather than leaving the NES On for days like i used to do as a kid to not lose the progress.

    If Nintendo sells this Device for $60, they for sure make a profit on it, probably it costs them $15 to make and they sell it for $30 to retailers like Amazon, which resells it for $60.

    Then this Group of Dishonest People, that are not official resellers, buy all the stock of such device and resell it on Amazon as authorized Sellers for prices ranging from $120 to $300.

    >>If you guys want to do Business: get a retail license and purchase the NES Mini directly from Nintendo as a retailer for $30 so you can resell it at the MSRP of $60!
    That is called Business

    Buying all the Devices to eliminate competition and reselling it for triple Price is called SCALPING and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    You scalpers ruined my little brother’s Christmas when at Christmas was impossible to find a NES Mini for less than $250, look at yourself on the mirror and think about what you do to others to make your dirty profit!
    My Brother didn’t get his Christmas Gift until a couple of weeks ago.

    Stop being a Greedy Scalper::: If you guys had put it back on the Market for $80, or even $90, i would have given 5 Stars,
    … But you’re victim of your own Wrong Doing, i paid $120 and i am giving 2 Stars because this little Grey Box isn’t worth that at all and i hope my review will help others avoiding my mistake.

    You should Enact and Enforce a policy that prohibits this type of Bad Business practices…
    It’s not good for the AMAZON Brand Name to let these type of People doing their Dirty Business using your Web Site, because it generates Hate towards a Company Name that is otherwise well known in the Web.

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    Fake systems. No, really- most, if not all of these are fake, November 15, 2017

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    This review is from: Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console (Console)
    Most, if not all, of these listings are fake. I have received 3 and sent 3 back to sellers. Don’t waste your time– either get a Raspberry pi or wait until Nintendo release new ones to the stores.

    Trust me, you don’t want the fakes. The sound didn’t work on certain games, wireless controllers don’t connect to the system, and strange error codes pop up on the screen. Maybe 8 of the games worked passably. Just don’t bother.

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