home PC Annke® HD 720P Wireless Wi-Fi IP Camera

Annke® HD 720P Wireless Wi-Fi IP Camera

Product Description

Product Description:
Meet our intelligent network pan& tilt camera: totally wireless to simplify installation with just a few seconds setup before you home is totally under control; incredible clear night vision with advanced infrared technology; speak and listen to your loved ones via the build-in high quality intercom with clear and smooth voice effect.

* Full 720P HD video technology
* Dual IR filter brings clear image day& night
* Two-way audio intercom technology
* Plug and Play technology
* Motion detection and Email Alarm push
* H.264 video compression
* Network auto-adaptive
* Remote access via smart devices
* Wi-Fi setup, totally wireless
* Horizontal 360°and vertical 90°rotation for easy installation
* Innovative Make-up Box Design combines fashion and technology
* UV coated screen. Prevent scratches and dustproof

Talk and heard from your loved ones
Unique audio intercom for clear and smooth voice. 3D voice engine to enhance voice quality, support echo cancellation and noise suppression technology.

Flexible rotation for easy installation
Equipped with installation base, horizontal 0~360°rotation and vertical 90°rotation, suitable for wall and ceiling mount.

Be there, even you’re not
Install App on your smartphone by scanning the QR-code, and then enjoy the convenience of remote access which will definitely beyond your imagination.

Incredible craftwork
UV coated screen which prevents scratches and dusts. Innovative make-up box design creates perfect combination of fashion and technology.

Box contains:
* 1 x Intelligent network cube camera
* 1 x Power adapter
* 1 x USB cable
* 1 x Bracket and mounting screws
* 1 x Operation guide
* 1 x Installation sticker


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