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Laptops for Gamers with the Gigabyte GeForce 10

Announced in the month of August by NVIDIA, the Pascal chips dedicated to the mobile world is gradually spreading among various brand partners. Four laptops branded by Gigabyte will thus benefit from this update: the P55 and P57 which in design approach is relatively conventional, and P35 and P37, called “Ultraforce” which are part of a process a bit more premium.

Let’s start our tour of the P57 model, which this will be the sixth evolution. This is a 17-inch laptopĀ equipped with an IPS screen in 1920×1080, which will accommodate the choice, a 1070 GTX or GeForce 1060 GTX . For those who were too old P57 sober, chassis had right to a little makeover with more sleek, rounded lines, always enhanced by edges to orange shades. the manufacturer also states that a new vent was positioned under the keyboard to improve the cooling capacity . The storage part will consist of a slot for a 2.5 “drive, an SSD M.2 and a removable bay to accommodate an optical drive or an additional hard drive. And connectivity side, the user can rest on 3-port USB 3.0 Type-a, a port USB 3.1 Type-C, HDMI 2.0, two audio inputs / outputs, and a card reader.

Note that Gigabyte continues, for obscure reasons, to include a VGA port on the laptop … It might have been wiser to opt for a more modern option and / or more convenient, as a Thunderbolt or USB 3 additional 3.0. on the other hand, no G-Sync compatibility is announced … again, we regret, considering the significant contribution of this technology in gaming. In the end, and thus armed, the machine weighs 3 kilos and displays measurements of 421X 290x 28.6 mm.

The Gigabyte P57-V6 laptop for gamers
The Gigabyte P57-V6

Its little brother, the Gigabyte P55 V6, will be as a declination is 15 inches, and will “just” an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 as a GPU . The screen is meanwhile available in two versions: Full HD 1920×1080 IPS or IPS WQHD + 2880×1620. Connectors available will be the same as the P57, while we lose a slot for a storage unit, leaving the possibility to connect an M.2 unit and a 2.5-inch (removable bay). Logically, the P55 will be more easy to carry, posting 2.6 kilograms on the scales and a thickness between 26.8 and 34 mm.

The Gigabyte P55-V6 laptop for gamers
The Gigabyte P55-V6

Finally, conclude by addressing the case of P35 and P37. Their technical features will cover more or less those of the two models we have presented. However, notice that they will be delivered with the GeForce GTX 1070, and will have an option to enjoy a UHD screen 3840×2160 . On the storage side, the P37 (17 inches) can accommodate up to 4 units (2xM.2 and 2×2.5 “), while the P35 (15 inches) will have to settle for 3 available slots (which will not bad for a machine of this size). again, the G-Sync compatibility is the absent subscribers . Finally, as we noted in the introduction, P35 and P37 will propose a working look, more elegant perhaps and around more qualitative materials (we are talking about experience, because we currently have a P37 V6 under test).

The Gigabyte P35-V6 laptop
The Gigabyte P35-V6 laptop

The prices of these machines will vary depending on configurations and resellers. However, beyond the tariff issue, it will be especially interesting to see how this type of relatively fine machine handles the heat generated by the graphics chip as the GTX 1060 or 1070. One element that is (very) important to check before any purchase movement.

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