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    Not just a copy, but an improvement on Far Cry 3, November 21, 2014

    This review is from: Far Cry 4 – PlayStation 3 (Video Game)

    EDIT (12/19/14): I’m now at 70% and the game continues to be addictive and fun. I enjoy hunting down all of the collectible items (something I normally don’t enjoy) simply because driving/flying through the map is so much fun. You will constantly find people to kill, animals to grab, side missions and more en route to each destination. What a fun world! I made a couple of edits below.

    “A copy of Far Cry 3” seems to be the biggest negative of the game reviews I’ve read. After playing about 11% of the campaign and I can tell you that while some elements (read: the core gameplay and some animations) are the same, Far Cry 4 improves on ALL of it exceedingly well.

    I loved Far Cry 3, but Far Cry 4 is even better.

    -> Gameplay is fast and fluid. Great controls and fire/explosives are still some of the most fun you can have in a game.
    -> Graphics look better than FC3. The environment is lush and varied. The animals, guns and people look better, too.
    -> Elephants are all they are cracked up to be. I haven’t crashed in to an outpost on one yet, but did toss some cars and smack some bad guys with the trunk. So fun.
    -> THE BUZZER. Fun little gyrocopter. I don’t travel any other way. fantastic. And you can throw and shoot from the cockpit. Fun carnage ensues.
    -> Syringe system is better, especially that the system “autocrafts” a health syringe when you have two Green Leaf in your loot bag (until it fills your health syringe slot, and once you use one, it then autocrafts another. Nice).
    -> Inventory system is better. it “stacks” similar items together so it says “10x Green Leaf” instead of seeing 10 straight Green leaf when you scroll. It is a little change but it helps my OCD.The “quick sell” also sells animal skins that you don’t need for crafting. No more going to Far Cry Wiki to see what skins you need to save for later!
    -> The music is fitting and perfectly supplements exploration, set pieces and everything.
    -> I’m obsessed with hunting/crafting. You would think it gets tedious but it doesn’t. If anything, it was too easy to get most of my crafting needs done. However, I would probably still be frustrated with a lack of ammo and gun carrying equipment if it was more challenging to get the skins I needed to craft. EDIT: Plan and craft early, especially wallet, ammo, holster and loot.
    -> Bow and arrow is amazing. I strongly suggest buying the recurve bow and one of the two sights (they are very similar) before getting serious about hunting. Well worth it. You get double skins for arrow kills over weapons and most animals only take one arrow. Clouded Leopards take 2-3 but you usually have enough time to shoot them before they maul you.
    -> Scary damn crocodiles are back. If you don’t jump the first time one nabs you then you are dead inside. Good news they are easy to kill. Bad news is they SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU.
    -> The new “rescue the hostages” missions add a good variety to the outposts and compounds (haven’t tried one of those yet. scary). These are stealth missions (you have to rescue at least 2-out-of-4 to beat the mission) so you can’t go in to camp guns blazing because hostages start getting executed on the other side of camp while you are fighting the closer guys. You get less money/XP if you only finish with two hostages, so going in stealth and saving all four is the best way – and the most fun way – to go. Seeing as once you disable alarms at outposts you can go guns hot with no reinforcements to worry about, you don’t HAVE to be stealthy on those missions (though you would get bonus XP, not being detected is really hard in an outpost). However, this truly is the one mission type where you MUST be stealthy. Quite fun! ARROWS.

    -> Rhinos are crazy hard so be prepared to use a TON of ammo (forget about arrows) to take them down. I’m talking 3-4 clips from assault or SMG. Also, about 2-3 healing syringes. EDIT: Now that I have better weapons they don’t even bother me as much, but early on with “stock” weapons you will lose health and ammo!

    -> Quite honestly I haven’t noticed many bugs or issues with the game so far. EDIT: Some sound issues and some pop-in-draw-in are noticeable, however, it never “breaks” the gameplay.
    -> The voice acting is not as good as FC3 and I don’t think they tried too hard to make the mouths matchup with words. A bit jerky.
    -> Overall the story is just ok, not great (or good), but in a game like this “help defend an outpost” or “rescue the hostages” is all the story I need to have some fun.
    -> Still not a fan of the “platforming” that must be done to capture a radio/bell tower. Let me pay $1000 rupies to not have to climb to deactivate and I would do it immediately. It is frustrating and awkward, especially when you fall. It would be different if you had to fight enemies on the various levels but…

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    mother/son bonding time, January 25, 2015
    Bonnie Standish (New England) –

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Far Cry 4 – PlayStation 3 (Video Game)
    So I’m a mother of 2, and finding time to basically to do anything that i enjoy is very hard to come by. Last year I bought my son Far Cry 3, and he just loved it. He was at school one day, and I decided to check out this game myself. I had watched my son play a few times, and I really liked the idea of the open world, and finding missions through the story line. Well I sent the kids off to school, and found that Far Cry consumed my entire day, I was hooked. My son came home to me playing his game, and to me asking him questions on what I should do, and that I love this game. My son an I are now totally addicted to playing Far Cry together. I Love that i have found a game that I love playing. So naturally when we heard that Far Cry 4 is coming out, we couldn’t wait. We purchased this game the day it came out.

    Far Cry 4 has some cool new features, that we really like. For example I love using the animal bait, when I am coming up on a mission that I need some help on, I throw some bait, the animal takes out a bad guy or 2 for me. Then i get myself in a better position to complete the mission. When my son an I discovered the elephant, we were like holy crap this is awesome. CHARGE!!!!! Gotta love the elephants. Great way to just charge through a moving truck full of bad guys. My Son and I take turns completing missions. We have a lot of discussions on what is going on, and what we should do next. Of course my son has more experience, and can clear a whole out post on stelf, Im working on my skills, which i am improving a great deal. I really like this game. I have really enjoyed the bonding time between my son and I since i have started playing this awesome game. We are now working on trying to open the north.


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