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    FIFA 14 2.0 – at least on the last-gen console… (Review specific to PS3 version), September 25, 2014
    Chris Harrold (Denver, CO) –

    This review is from: FIFA 15 – PlayStation 3 (Video Game)
    Breathtaking animations and player emotions! Full stadium build up and pre/post game commentaries! A beautiful experience for FIFA players! Yeah – not on the PS3 it isn’t (or XBOX 360). If like me, you haven’t bothered to upgrade to a current gen console (they aren’t next gen if they are already out and what games are being built on…) because there were only about 10 games for it anyway, then FIFA 15 is going to be a monumental disappointment.

    It looks, feels, and plays (with notable exceptions) exactly like FIFA14. There are a couple of bright spots, but they are fairly well overshadowed by the letdown.

    First the good:

    – Your defense doesn’t play like a gaggle of mindless idiots anymore (Even Manchester United’s back 3 seem capable from time-to-time, and that is saying something!).
    – Goalies are definitely better, not great, just better (admission – I played my first few matches on semi-pro, I too am getting old and my reaction times are crap) They are still easily beat off the 1-2 look, low shots from right inside the box are about 80%, and rebounds are a common source of easy goals, but they don’t hug the line like they are clinging to a life raft on a sinking ship anymore and they generally will charge out and take care of business (saw some nice punch-aways and grabs on crosses)
    – I found I didn’t need to call for passes as much on the break – your players seem to actually get it when they are triple-teamed and you break into a run in the open – this eliminates all those situations where you call for the pass right as they pass it and then you 1-time it off to nowhere.
    – Officiating is actually a little better? I know – flame on, but obvious fouls were actually called and dangerous plays were carded appropriately which was nice after being victimized in 14 with huge tackles that were waved off…

    Now the downsides:
    – Literally 100% the same in single-player from 14, “Create a Pro” mode. So many things they could have fixed (SO MANY) and didn’t For example, still nothing for you to do off the pitch except reject/accept transfer and loan offers. No media talks, no press reporting or interviews, no story or external to the on-the-field game things for your character to make things complete. Just play football (which is great and all, but come on, EA, you have neglected this game mode long enough and there are a lot of great examples out there of how to fix this!)
    – Remember how the defense isn’t a gaggle of idiots now? The flip-side is that they are also RIDICULOUSLY good at taking the ball. Defender within 5 yards? Better unload the ball or it WILL get taken away. Also they have the most magnificently timed slide tackles EVER, and they will intercept any pass within 5 yards, 100% guaranteed. To be completely fair, I got used to it, and changed my gameplay style from possession based to look for openings to a tika-tika passing game, but “balanced” play doesn’t mean making one end or the other ridiculously overpowered. (also to be fair, since my back line wasn’t giving away goals like, well, Manchester United’s back line, I took the good with the bad, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t bad)
    – All that badass stuff with commentaries and stadiums and all that? Not on a PS3. Same-old same-old. Same people in every 5th row of the stadium, same chants (which is cool at first but gets old quick), and OH MY FSM the commentary… Exactly the same phrases and names (my name is Chris, one of the most common names in the United States, but is it a name that the Commentators will say? No; Christie or Christian – seriously? Simple things to fix…) With the same patter and same tired stuff they said in Fifa 14 the game commentary itself is just background noise. If EA did some off the field stuff it would really help fill this commentary gap by giving them something to talk about besides how I need to work on my off-foot on the training ground or how “it’s a physical game, but a fair one, and that’s a great challenge” for the 100th time this match…

    In the interest of full fairness, I do not play the Ultimate team mode – boring and I don’t want to play as someone else; I want to be the player! Manager mode is interesting, but essentially just offline FUT. I also do not play online, because 10 year old kids are whiny little pricks, and no goalie should ever score a hat-trick. Play the game people. Call me a purist, but playing online just ruins it for me because no one plays football the right way, everyone is just looking to score goals.

    So to sum up? Meh. I will still play it because I enjoyed FIFA14 and it really is just the same so it isn’t all bad, but it just puts one more nail in my PS3’s coffin – can’t wait for the holiday season now so I can finally justify getting a 4.


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    Married?kids?real busy? work two jobs? Miss your FIFA And wanna pick up and play? read this., November 21, 2014
    This review is from: FIFA 15 – PlayStation 3 (Video Game)
    I was really ticked off with Fifa 14, more than I should have been because I have since picked up on a few things to enjoy the game and still be challenging. If you are that adult male thats got all sorts going on, and want to chill and enjoy your tv game of footie, this is the one.

    I have the PS3 Version. It is a great game; the load time is quicker that I remember from the last two, not a big deal for me but I know others complain about that. The main menu has a darn good navigation setup. The best I have seen in a while, impressive.
    Now to the gameplay.

    I play offline career mode a lot, thats my thing. I have bought every FIFA since 1998, so I am pretty experienced. One of the biggest frustrations from last years game was insanely difficult the game goes from Pro to World Class to Legendary. Bottom feeder teams, that could not tie their own shoes blowing you out 5-1? This can be solved with sliders/ customization in the game settings, which I did not know about its use when I bought FIFA 14. It basically gives you the opportunity to play competitive games at realistic levels. For instance, to play career mode with a team two divisions below the English Premier League, good luck playing World Class or Legendary mode with the default customization!! The ai players get more energy as yours get tired, and the frustration is not worth breaking your controller over(come on, we have all done it at least once).

    But in my opinion, the gameplay itself sells all the other modes. The AI is WAY smarter, clearly they adjust their tactics according to how the game is going, so it is wise to do the same.Passing is great, but I think one time shots and finesse shots are more effective in this game to score. The goalie saves are unbelievable sometimes. But it just depends what you prefer. FUT is great, but I know I wont keep up with it, Seasons online I only dabble in, only because I will often use mid-table teams without fear, and every other team I go up against online is either Real Madrid, Barcelona, CHelsea or Bayern Munich. Boring!!

    Bottom line, buy this game. If your are that fellow that knows the game, but you no longer play 10 hours a week, this is the one, EA have done a pretty decent job making it competitive and challenging no matter what level you are, because I was really disappointed with last years, but then again one of my biggest issues was the level of difficulty, and understanding how to score more.

    I think it this one is worth it


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