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    Better in every way, October 22, 2013

    This review is from: Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Playstation 3 (Cable Included) (Video Game)
    When the first Rocksmith came out, I was so excited the technology existed to make a game like it. I followed the development of it and got more hyped every day until release. I bought myself a Yamaha Pacifica the day of it’s release and started playing. And the game was AWESOME. I could play an actual guitar (terribly, mind you) and the game would actually hear the notes I was playing (instead of how Rockband 3 had done theirs. The execution was more frustrating than cool, but it wasn’t a complete waste as I can still use the Rockband electric guitar to play. It’s just so heavy :/)

    However, once the honeymoon period wore off with the first game, I started to notice a few things I wish would change. First, as anyone who has played the first game knows – the loading times were abhorrent. Awful. Bordering on abuse. The menu system left basically…everything to be desired. You could unlock guitarcade games, but I certainly had no idea how (I had to go online to figure out how to unlock all of them.) I couldn’t figure out a way to practice a part of a song that I couldn’t quite get. It was an awesome program, but it was a chore to use. I’d often look at my guitar and PS3 and think to myself: “Man, I want to play guitar, but I don’t want to have to wait for everything to load.”

    I loved the concept and MOST of the execution of the first game, but never found myself really wanting to play it. I loved that it existed…but didn’t love IT.

    Rocksmith 2014 has addressed pretty much all those problems. In a word (or two), it is exponentially better. The little bit of latency I could never quite get rid of from the first, gone. It’s just gone. The sound comes instantly through my speakers (HDMI to tv, Audio through component to my ancient receiver.) The menus are vastly improved. There isn’t a career mode anymore (I’m not sure whether I like that or not.) Instead, the game guides you to different places it thinks will help you improve, and rewards you when you complete them. This allows you to unlock things like skins for amps or different fretboard options (which is actually really cool) So it feels less like a…game. But it feels much more rewarding.

    The lessons are so awesome. I’m terrible at guitar, but I decided I would try one of the hardest lessons on there (double finger tapping) and I actually did fairly well on the first part of the lesson. Then shifting while doing it came, and I could only look at the screen and dream that some day I will be good enough to do that. The lessons are clearly laid out, and there is a real sense of progression both watching and completing them. These are worth the price of admission alone, in my opinion.

    I imported all my Rocksmith 1 songs (which didn’t even require me to put my RS1 disc in, it was just a download.) This cost me 10 dollars on PSN, and was something like a 250 Mb install. While I understand people will be upset for having to pay 10 dollars for something they already bought, I feel fine with it. A lot of work went into making the songs tighter and more feature filled, along with licensing them all over again. 10 dollars for something around 50 songs is a bargain, whether you’ve already played them or not.

    Another very cool thing is there aren’t just two tunings in this. In the original, there was E standard and Drop D. In here there are far more. I didn’t count, but there are a lot of tunings the game will recognize. There is actually a lot more I want to cover in this review, like session mode (it really does make you feel like a rock star.) Chord charts, the guitarcade games in more detail, the awesome amount of little details (like when making a custom tone, the knobs and dials on the virtual pedals actually move when you’re tuning them around! Love it)

    Other reviewers are going to go into more depth than I can. More experienced players will be able to weigh in on different aspects I haven’t even touched. However, I think the most important thing to take away is while I’m writing this review, I’m really, really wanting to get back to playing the game. The original was a 4/5 stars to me. Flawed, but really cool. This game trumps the originals in every way, and after only a few hours of playing it, I couldn’t imagine going back.

    If you’re on the fence, buy it.
    If you want to have an interactive and fun way to learn guitar, buy it.
    If you’re lazy and have always wanted to learn guitar, buy it
    If you have played guitar for ten years but want to learn another style, buy it.
    If you don’t have hands, don’t buy it. This game isn’t for you.


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    A Fun And Effective Way To Learn Guitar, November 10, 2013
    Jeff H. (United States) –

    This review is from: Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Playstation 3 (Cable Included) (Video Game)
    Rocksmith is an amazing resource for learning guitar. It uses tutorials, practice methods and fun games to teach guitar. It takes the “Rock Band” approach to teaching guitar, which takes adjusting and may not work for everyone. I have owned this game for close to a month and can see my improvement in guitar. The only thing you need is the dedication and motivation to learn guitar…and an actual guitar!
    My Experience:
    I have been playing guitar on and off for several years. I am completely self-taught and would say I am of lower-intermediate skill. I could play a few chords and knew a few songs, but I wasn’t audience-ready. Before this game, I taught myself through books and online instructional videos. I didn’t have too much feedback about my skill, which made it difficult to improve. I didn’t exactly know where to go, and was stuck. This game has helped me overcome several obstacles and got me back into playing guitar.
    When the game is loaded up, you are given a few questions on your experience. It asks whether you have played any previous Rocksmith games and what level experience you have with the guitar. This tool is very helpful; since it helps the game set you at the right level. You are than presented with a title screen that lists several game options. It is entirely up to you to choose what you’d like to do, but the game suggests what to start with. This is an excellent approach, since it helps orient the player but doesn’t force you into anything.
    Learn A Song – The title speaks for itself: this is where you learn songs. The game suggests songs for you to learn, but you are given free-reign to learn what you’d like. You can organize the song list by various means such as: recommended, title, year, etc. It helps making searching for songs a bit easier. The songs cover a wide range of eras and styles; from classic rock to metal. However, it only covers rock music. I would’ve liked to have seen other guitar styles covered such as: reggae/ska, country, funk and R&B.
    Session Mode – Arguably the best mode in the game. Here you can practice with a band. You are given many options to customize your session band. There are several preset bands, but you can create your own as well. You can practice scales or whatever else you want with a band. I think it’s the best mode, since knowing how to play with other musicians is a very important skill. The A.I. musicians listen to what you play and follow you. This is good and bad, since it is also important for a guitarist to listen to what others play. My only grip about this mode is you can’t record what you play and you can’t modify what the musicians play. For instance, if I have a drum beat in my head there is no way to set the pattern for the drummer.
    Non-Stop Play – You can play a set a songs without stopping. It is a way for the game to emulate actually playing a live set. You can modify the play time from 5-90 minutes. I haven’t used this mode, since I am still learning songs. I think this mode was designed for more experienced guitarists. It is something I plan to try when I improve.
    Lessons – This is where you learn the skills in playing guitar. It is also my second favorite feature, since I am now learning new skills. There is everything from how to attach a strap to pitch harmonics. The game also integrates these skill tutorials with learning a song, that way you can apply what you’ve learned. My only problem with it is doesn’t teach finger posturing. For instance, it would be helpful if the tutorials emphasized keeping your thumb on the neck. This will help beginners avoid bad habits.
    Guitarcade – A mode designed to test your skills. There are retro-style arcade games, which are designed to improve technique. There are also score challenges to compete with other players over who is The Master Guitarist. I’ve played around with the technique games and I think they are great way to improve overall. The games cover most techniques, but not all. I would have liked to seen a game for sweep-picking, for instance.
    Multiplayer – You can play with others, it is self-explanatory. I don’t know much about this mode, since I’m not ready to play with others.
    Shop – This is where you can buy new tracks. I think this will help keep the game interesting, and make the company make more money. I am a big classic rock guy so I hope they add more stuff by The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Kinks. I’d also like to see them add new ones like: The Stooges, Jimi Hendrix, and Led zeppelin.


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    Ubisoft listened to the users and the result is fantastic!, October 23, 2013
    Maek (Phoenix, AZ United States) –

    This review is from: Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Playstation 3 (Cable Included) (Video Game)
    Is Rocksmith 2014 a sequel? No, it’s what the original Rocksmith should have been as described below.

    NOTE – If you own the original Rocksmith and you already have the USB cable, then the original USB cable will work with this game as well which is available for $20 less as a “no cable” edition.

    When I got the original Rocksmith, I was “wow”ed. Here was a PS3 title that wasn’t a game, but an instructional software package for learning to play guitar (and later, bass) AND also allowed you to play notes on real songs with a difficulty level that adjusted on the fly according to how well you played.

    The drawback, however, was the interface. Rocksmith’s menu was slow, cumbersome, and teeth-grindingly awful…having to strum every…single…time just to get the next menu. That, and choosing a song was laborious and slow with very limited means of finding the songs easily.

    If you were a former Rocksmith user, fret no more (okay, bad pun). Ubisoft has clearly listened to our complaints and has generated a menu system that is a lot snappier. Trying to find a song? Well, sort by genre, artist, song title, etc., and you’ll find it quickly and easily. It’s a huge sigh of relief and it’s such a welcome change.

    There are new features as well. The Riff Repeater is especially worth noting that allows you to select portions of a song and vary the playback so you can gradually learn how to play more difficult sections. Excellent addition.

    If you’re concerned about porting songs from the original Rocksmith to Rocksmith 2014, $9.99 is all you’ll need to transfer the songs over EXCEPT for the following 5 songs due to licensing issues:

    — Eric Clapton – Run Back to Your Side
    — Cream – Sunshine of Your Love
    — Seth Chapla – Star Spangled Banner
    — Seth Chapla – Jules
    — Chris Lee – Boss

    Your other option is to keep the other disc, but switching discs is a huge inconvenience, in my opinion, and I wasn’t mourning the loss of the 5 songs above.

    Rocksmith 2014’s tutorial videos have also been revised and enhanced allowing you to skip sections within a tutorial video if you want to rehearse some of the techniques again. I’m loving the new videos better than the original and the positive feedback built-in feels empowering.

    Rocksmith 2014 also features a new “session mode” that will allow you to play bass or guitar alongside “session” AI musicians. I have tinkered with it a little bit, and it’s surprisingly good but with limitations; don’t expect this to replace the human component of a good-spirited jam. That said, there are a range of scales, BPMs, etc. modes to choose from and it’s fun to experiment.

    Overall, 5/5 for Rocksmith 2014!!! If you already have Rocksmith or if you’re looking to go into it the first time, THIS is the edition that you want to get.


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