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inFAMOUS Second Son, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, brings you an action adventure game where surrounded by a society that fears them, superhumans are ruthlessly hunted down and caged by the Department of Unified Protection. When Delsin Rowe discovers his powers he’s forced to run, searching for other superhumans in order to save those he loves from the oppressive D.U.P. The actions he takes along the way will change the future of everyone around him. A New Origin Story: Step into an open world adventure that offers a realistic take on being superhuman. Choice and Consequence: Witness how the city, the people you encounter, and even the story itself is all affected by the actions you take. Control Multiple Powers: Draw powers out from other superhumans, creating your own set of distinct powers to use as you see fit. Freely Explore the City of Seattle featuring highly detailed environments, realistic weather, reflections, shadows and lighting.
Infamous Second son

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    Made PS4 Worth It – SPOILER-FREE REVIEW, March 22, 2014

    This review is from: inFAMOUS: Second Son Standard Edition (PlayStation 4) (Video Game)

    If you’ve unfamiliar with inFamous, the concept is the coolest thing you could ask for in a game. Every inFamous game is a sandbox with endless freedom, like GTA, but you’ve got super powers. While other super hero games are limited to established abilities, whatever was introduced in their respective comics, inFamous gives you Cole MacGrath and now Delsin Rowe, characters with completely fresh powers that grow until the game’s completion.

    inFamous 2, in my opinion was hands down, the best game for the PS3 and my personal favorite game of all time. Suckerpunch provided the aforementioned concept, incredible voice acting, beautiful graphics, great story & characters, finely crafted cut scenes & well written dialogue and fun, fun, fun gameplay. It’s a 10. So inFamous Second Son was anticipated with high standards to be met or surpassed.

    Upon first hearing Delsin talk, I said to myself, “Oh screw this guy.” I immediately missed Cole But as the story progressed, he quickly grew on me. There are definitely aspects to Delsin that make for a far more thrilling character to play. As soon as you get your first power, taking into consideration this is a vast open world sandbox, graphics are absolutely stunning, comparable to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. The fire effects, smoke, streets, lights and reflections, all just pop. The variety of people occupying Seattle, however, felt lazy. I saw the same faces over and over again, but I am guessing this was deliberately kept minimal to concentrating efforts where the pay off was obvious. It just becomes noticeable when some of your missions involve looking for people.

    I’m big on great music in video games and the score in ISS felt at times like it was trying to be cool. But generally it worked. Just occasionally distracting. Nothing beats inFamous 1’s soundtrack in this franchise.

    When present, story, dialogue and cut scenes are just as solid as inFamous 2. But these character moments are bare bones, mostly riding the book ends of the game, leaving you longing for much more in between. The game wants you to care more for these characters than is warranted because they are simply not very involved in the journey. To this issue, there is no real counterpart to keep you company and enjoy your growth with you like Zeke did for Cole in inFamous. One very important element lacking in this installment which was present in previous was a sense of urgency, a constant driving force. Particularly with inFamous 2, the stakes kept getting higher and throughout the entire game there was a looming danger. inFamous Second Son however doesn’t keep you aware of why you’re playing. What sends you on this mission to Seattle doesn’t really come up again until the game is over. The game sought to maintain the serious tone of inFamous, but Delsin doesn’t really experience any down points or set-backs like Cole did.

    Despite the aforementioned shortcomings, inFamous Second Son has some really great surprises. The previous installments had far more variety in terms of optional side missions and as a completionist, I found myself annoyed at the unforgivably identical side missions that filled each district. The game plagiarized itself about 20 times. There is a spray paint side mission in every district, sometimes more than one. I have no idea why this is part of the game and made to feel important. It may as well have been a cut scene you are awarded for watching, as that’s how much you participate in the spray paint side missions. They’re not even missions. They’re just a hassle you have to do if you want to do everything. And just when this was about to take it’s toll on me, ISS hit me with something strong, near the mid-way point that rejuvenated my energy. Then it does this again at the 75% mark and even up to the end. That being said, the second half of the game is far more interesting than the first half.

    Regardless of your powers, upgrades and the area you are playing, what you you encounter most are the DUP: Depart of Unified Protection. They all work for the big bad boss you meet at the beginning and know you are going to have to fight. But what might have helped is if Sucker Punch gave this boss at least one or two mini bosses you had to face. Instead, you deal with the same henchmen again and again. And while they get progressively stronger, thusly more difficult and interesting to battle, it can’t help but feel a bit redundant. No other super bosses is pretty disappointing, knowing they did this better in previous installments.

    The most frustrating thing I learned only after the fact is that I probably shouldn’t have been such a completionist until I beat the game, as you are given opportunities between story missions and even post-ending to finish up anything incomplete. My advice if you haven’t played it yet is to follow the story forward whenever the game will…

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    This is where it is at, March 21, 2014

    This review is from: inFAMOUS: Second Son Standard Edition (PlayStation 4) (Video Game)
    First, you have probably noticed that there is no verified purchase. If you want you can check my profile, I will be posting a review of the version I bought. I bought the limited edition one. The reason I am reviewing the standard is this:

    A. It is basically the same game (minus a couple unlockables)
    B. I love telling people about great games
    C. I am tired of spam unfair reviews.

    Letter c is the real reason I decided to write this. At the time of writing this review, there is one person who has reviewed this game, on all three editions, and gave the same 1 star review on all three editions. If you click on his profile, it is full of them. On 6 playstation games, he has given one star reviews with bad reasons.
    Now to the actual game:
    For a couple of months now I have been waiting for this game, and I am not disappointed. This shows off what we will come to expect from our next gen systems. With just 5 months after the launch of the ps4, we do no longer await greatness, greatness is here. The graphics are the best that I know of anywhere. This is no lie, they are absolutely stunning. I have not played a more graphically advanced game ever. Since it is an exclusive, the developers could really focus on one system, and they really brought out the big guns.
    Secondly, the story mode is great. After the first two Infamous games, I was sad to see our main character go. It does not matter because we have been brought another lovable figure. I have started to grow onto him already! The use of features like neon and smoke are great. It lets you personalize how you like to get around.

    Cole will be missed, but Delsin is a great replacement! Really though, this is a must have for PS4. I wasn’t a single player game person till I played inFAMOUS 2. Now I love them. I have not experienced any frame rate drops, or mistimed lip syncs.
    Open world
    Stunning graphics (again the best I have ever witnessed)
    New power ups (like smoke and neon)
    Great story line that you expect in a single player game
    In all honesty, I wouldn’t add anything to this side. I’m afraid if I changed anything I wouldn’t love this game as I do now. If you leave a comment with some cons, I will be sure to include them if they are reasonable. I am looking forward so much to this game!

    I cannot stress how much this game rocks! It is a staple to the ps4 in my opinion, but what do I know?

    I will be posting some gameplays on my YouTube channel if you are still undecided, or just wanna watch some of Infamous Second Son! Just search Gandalf The Teal on YouTube and it will come up. Scroll down to the Infamous section and enjoy! Please subscribe if you have a chance also, it means a lot to me to see people like my content. I don’t put ads on them so this is all just for fun! I will be posting the Wednesday after getting this game!

    Thank you much for reading to the end. Hopefully this was informative. Please like this review if you benefited in any way from this! I will answer any questions in the comments if you ask!

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