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Titan Souls review – one hit wonder

Titan Souls (PC) - one arrow, one boss

Titan Souls (PC) – one arrow, one boss

Killing a video game boss in just a single shot may sound easy, but this two-dimensional homage to Shadow Of The Colossus is anything but.

High-concept video games aren’t rare, but they tend to be fairly straightforward combinations of existing games and genres. Battlefield with cops ‘n’ robbers, for example, or Halo meets Diablo for Borderlands and Destiny. But the idea behind Titan Souls is so unique and clever you can almost imagine the designer excitedly describing it to his friends: ‘It’s Shadow Of The Colossus in 2D and you only have one arrow to kill the boss!’ It’s a great idea but the question is whether it’s a great game…

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